The Plant

Implementation of technology in the 3.000 m2 plant was carried out by the Austrian company WDT, and the basic equipment was supplied by the most highly respected German manufacturer of the field EWD. Drying equipment supplied by the Italian Nardi is also included in the technology.
Belonging to the plant are 6 drying-chambers suitable for drying 700 m3 sawn timber. Steaming-chambers are 130 m3 in total steaming capacity.
Total annual capacity of the sawmill is up to 40.000 m3, producing more than 20.000 m3 of lumber every year. Lumber is prepared according to the highest quality standards before processing. Beech wood is put in steaming for up to 24-36 hours before being placed in the drying-chambers – where it is dried until water content reached as little as 8-10%. Oak wood required more caution. Before put in the drying-chambers, it is first prepared by drying it in open air for a couple of weeks.

Although it has only recently been built, management is constantly trying to develop and improve on efficiency. In the near future, we are planning to optimize our cutting technology, increase our steaming capacity, and improve on quality and processing of the produced lumber.

3.000 m²


6 piece drying-chambers

700 m³ sawn timber

2 piece steamer

130 m³ capacity


40.000 m³/year